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Company Cubymom Co., Ltd.
Established Sep 1997: Cuby International
Mar 2009: Cuby n Mom Co., Ltd.
CEO Seungchul Oh
Headquarters 1075-93 Sungseok-dong, Ilsandong-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do (Tel. 1644-8364)
No. of Employees 21
Brands Original traditional childbirth and childcare product brand “Cuby n Mom”
Naturalist child product brand “Organic Island”
Online-only childbirth and childcare product specialist brand “Cute Baby”
Baby cosmetics brand “Atospiruna”
Children easyware brand “Kids Island”
Branches [Korea] 389 stores operated nationwide
Direct stores: 3 (Cuby n Mom Ilsan Hwajung store, MomsmomAnsanSangrok store, MomsmomAnsanDanwon store)
Franchises: 11
Distributors: 375
[Overseas] 8 stores operated worldwide
China: 5
Russia: 1
Singapore: 1
Hong Kong: 1


Year Highlight
Sep 1997 Cubykid International established
Mar 1999 Cubykid brand registered
Mar 2000 First Cubykid store opened
Sep 2002 cubykid.com online store opened (childbirth and childcare specialist shopping mall)
Sep 2003 Cubymom brand registered
Feb 2004 July First and second Cubymom stores opened
Obtained QSS Excellent Corporation Certificate Mark from the Korean Daily Report’s Childbirth and Childcare Product Section (2004 Excellent Corporation in Korea Quality Service Customer Satisfaction)
Apr 2007 5th Cuby n Mom branch opened (Ilsan/Jungbalsan-dong)
Jan 2008 Organic Island (http://www.organicisland.co.kr) launched
Mar 2009 Nov Dec Cuby n Mom Co., Ltd. established
Obtained GOTS certificate (CU812520) for “Organic Island” International Organic Textile Standard
First Cuby n Mom Chinese store opened
May 2010 June July Aug Oct Nov Cuby n Mom store opened in Halbin, Yeongil, China
Cuby n Mom store opened in Cheongdo, Shimyang, China
Cuby n Mom store opened in Jangchun, China
Cuby n Mom store opened in Peking, China
Baby cosmetics store Spirulina (Atospirulina) acquired
Joined Korea Environment-friendly Textile Association (KOETA)
May 2011 Cuby n Mom store opened in Dandong, Yeolgil, China
Apr 2012 Dec Obtained Cuby n Mom Quality Management System ICR ISO 9001 certificate
Online Business Department extended and transferred
June 2013 Sep Selected as an Innovative-Management Small/Medium Business (MAIN-BIZ) by Small and Medium Business Administration
Selected as an Excellent Design Product by KIDP