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Corporation Vision

Established for happy pregnancy, childbirth, and childcare for both the mom and the baby,
Cuby n Mom is a childbirth and childcare specialist brand oriented towards good quality, good price, and good people.

Management Philosophy

A Leap as Korea’s Representative Childbirth and Childcare Product Brand!
Based on its quality and competitiveness, Cuby n Mom has entered eight overseas markets to date, with five Chinese stores opened as well as stores in Russia, Singapore, and Hong Kong. China is particularly showing a gradual increase in the demand for “made in Korea” products, and the possibility of growth is unlimited. As so, Cuby n Mom is reinforcing its position in the Korean market while simultaneously continuing to embrace the challenge to introduce to overseas markets the excellence of the Korean products.
Creating a World with Happy Children Growing with Cuby n Mom!
To create a world full of happy children who use and wear Cuby n Mom products, Cuby n Mom is continually participating in social contribution activities. Having been continually involved in social contribution activities together with children welfare centers such as Eastern Social Welfare Society, Holt Children’s Services Incorporated, and Ansan Global Children’s Center, Cuby n Mom endeavors to exert further efforts to make the world happy for all, by expanding its influence.