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Company Introduction

Beginning of a Korean Childbirth and Childcare Brand for Children and Moms
Beginning as “Cubykid” in 1997, “Cuby n Mom” has always been with our customers for the past 15 years, being a Korean childbirth and childcare specialist brand oriented towards good quality, good price, and good people by capturing the love between a child and a mom.

Cuby n Mom was established in 1997 under the name “Cuby International.” Its product sales officially began with the registration of the “CubyKid” brand as the starting landmark. Cuby n Mom has been manufacturing all kinds of textile products in South Korea since the launch of the business. This devotion of the CEO, Mr. Oh, is attracting attention to the excellence of the Korean products and to the Korean wave, and our “made in Korea” products are receiving love calls from overseas baby product markets.

CEO Profile

  • Birthdate 1962
  • Education 1900 - Graduated from the Civil Construction Department of JejuHanlim Technical High School
  • Work 1985 - Employed at Tower Industries
  • Experience 1992 – Established Halla Industries (baby product manufacturer)
    1997 – Established Cuby International Corporation
    2010 – present - Environmental-friendly Textile Corporation Operation
    Committee Chairman